His Grace, His Serene Highness, The Right Honourable The Duke of Wellington, George Wellesley MP (b. 1972) was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party. He obtained the title of The Duke of Wellington, along with the subsidiary titles of The Duke of Victoria, The Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo, The Duke of Douro and the Prince of Waterloo. He became a Member of Parliament in 2010, following a by-election in his constituency of Kensington, as the former Member of Parliament resigned from her Ministerial Cabinet Role and Member of Parliament role. He won 67% of the votes in the by-election, and has remained a popular figure within the House of Commons since.

Early Life

George was born at 7:38AM on Saturday 11th November 1972 at St. Mary's Hospital in London. His father, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, was the first to show the baby to the public, as his wife, the Duchess, remained in a critical condition following complications during birth. The Duchess died later that day, and George was taken home to a loving family, that consisted of his father, and his grandparents.

George attended a grammar school in Kensington, and then went onto college to study Government, Politics and Economics.

The Conservative Party

George became a member of the Conservative Party in 1998, supporting their campaigns and attending yearly conferences. He first campaigned to become a Member of Parliament in 2005.

In 2005, he came second place within the election for the constituency of Kensington, Labour having beat him by 24%, and he then went on to become Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.

In 2010, he won a by-election in the constituency, and became the Member of Parliament for the constituency. He has always been a key speaker on both opposition and government benches, participating in most debates and PMQ's.

The Duke of Wellington

In 2002, Wellesley's father, the incumbent Duke of Wellington, suffered a major heart attack at 2:03AM. George was called to the hospital at 4:00AM to say his goodbyes to his father, where he then succeeded him in the role of The Duke of Wellington. He has been a public speaker and campaigner for many charities and causes, and continues to hold the peerage, but has not sat in the House of Lords since becoming a Member of the Commons.

Leader of the Conservative Party

George became Leader of the Conservative Party following the resignation of the former leader, and he one the democratic vote of the members of the Conservative Party. He was then sworn into the Privy Council, as the Leader of the Opposition, and then appointed his Shadow Cabinet. He then proceeded to debate most of the Labour Prime Minister's actions, and he then called for a Motion of No Confidence in the Government. Following this, an election was called in February 2017, where George was the frontrunner.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

In February, George had a Private Audience with Her Majesty The Queen, where she asked him to form a new government in her name, to which George accepted the offer. He then became the country's next Prime Minister and led the Conservatives to victory. He resigned a month later, after a scandal on the bill made by Michael Fantolini known as Michreigh.

In September, George campaigned for Leader of the Conservative Party following the resignation of Caleb Lennox. He won a landslide in the party and went on to fight the September General Election, where he made the Conservatives the largest party in a hung parliament, forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and Democratic Unionist Party. The Liberal Democrats pulled out from the coalition and George is rumoured to be discussing a snap general election after the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union. He has been praised for his response to terrorist attacks in the UK and intervention on issues whilst his daughter has been ill in hospital.


His Serene Highness, The Prince of Waterloo (Dutch and Belgian Nobility)

His Grace, The Duke of Wellington (United Kingdom Nobility)

George Wellesley, MP (Parliament, 2010 - 2013)

The Rt. Hon George Wellesley MP (2013 - Present)

The Most Excellent, The Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo (Spanish Nobility)

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