A LIFE IN EXILE by Winston Isaacs Edit

Chapter One Edit

There I was, out of a job. Vacated from Downing Street and all it took was just one decision. My decision to resign. I went on a visit, to Syria, as a visit to the President who I had planned to meet. I never met him, and I still haven't met him to this day. Bang. One crash is all it takes to kill someone. I guess I'm lucky. Islamic Extremist Group, Al Shabab plotted an attack against my police escorted governmental convoy and they succeeded in carrying it out. I witnessed friends; close allies of mine who I had worked with for years take their final breaths and I could do nothing to prevent that from happening. I was trapped. I couldn't move to even attempt to help them. It's not nice, seeing your friends die right infront of you and all it takes is one crash.

That was the last I could remember. I fell unconscious, and until the ambulance crew arrived my pale body was lifeless and practically dead as blood dripped rapidly from my head. I have to admit it, if it wasn't for the quick response of the Syrian Medical Officials I would not be here today, and I express enormous gratitude to the men and women who worked tirelessly to save my life. A lot of people don't recover from what I went through. I'm the lucky one.

Chapter Two Edit

I didn't wake up for about three weeks, due to complications and brain swelling. I was on life support with countless tubes in me. It wasn't until I woke up one day I realised where I was. Hospital, in Finland. I still had countless wires near me and a plate in my head according to the staff of the hospital. It was released on the news that I had died, which was untrue and controlled by the scandalous left-wing media. I was visited the next morning by Terence FitzRoy, who I then found out was living in Finland at the time. Much to my surprise, he had renounced his title of the Duke of Grafton, which was passed on to Augustus FitzRoy. At first, and I was like this for many weeks, I did not know who Terence or anybody else was. I didn't even know who I was. I thought I was the President of South Africa at one point. I was lost, you could say. Nobody there that I really knew. I was extremely underweight and without an apatite for quite a long time, and refused to eat on some occasions. It was very stressful, adjusting back to normal life. Especially when you had no memory.

Chapter Three Edit

I was discharged from hospital, still with a lack of memory, and the only person I knew was Terence. I stayed with him for a while, as he helped me get used to the ways of normal life and helped me remember who everyone and what everything was. I have to hand it to him, if it wasn't for him I would never of come back to Britain or even attempted to get back into politics. I wouldn't of even known I was British! I went for a job interview, to become Political Adviser to the Prime Minister of Finland, Katrina Henriksen of what seemed to be the Conservative Party of Finland, as Terence told me. Quite a good looking girl. That's why I shagged her. Anyway, Terence once told me that I was the Former Prime Minister of the UK. I got into bed with the PM of Finland, SOMEBODY WHO DIDN'T EVEN OFFER ME A MINISTERIAL ROLE?! How rude of her...she was a fat cow anyway. The next day, I was called into the Prime Minister's Office. She pointed at me and told me I was fired and that I'm a shit politician and she only gave me the role because I gave her better sex than her husband.

Chapter Four Edit

I then found out that her husband, Herman Henriksen found out I was shagging Katrina. I only did it once though. I walked out of Terence's house for a cigarette to see a big fat black man standing there with a baseball bat. WHACK! That idiotic piece of sh*t hit me over the head with the bat and I didn't respond...maybe because I was flat on the floor with shattered ribs and a smashed skull because of this "homie" as he would call himself. I was taken to hospital, and there I was taken to surgery...AGAIN. I have scars all over my body and they will never go away because of this extremist people. I will have scars not only on my body, but internally. Holes in my heart that will never go away. Never.

Chapter Five Edit

I met with Terence after being sectioned by hospital staff for lashing out at little children from the children's ward that were in the Hospital School. They kept tapping me and I grabbed one of them and forced them out of the door painfully. I can't help it when I lash out; but Terence is my go-to homie MC. (he's my shrink). Then, I made the decision to go back to the UK.

Chapter Six Edit

I spoke with Terence about my decision and he supported me through it. He even said he'd come back to the UK with me and it's a pledge made with the best of intentions. Another broken promise. He shouldn't of made promises he wasn't absolutely sure he could deliver. Although, after a few days of not talking to him I made up with him and respected his decision to stay in Finland because he had made a life for himself there. I guess I'm the lucky one. I say that to myself everyday. I'm the lucky one.


  • Terence FitzRoy
  • Fern Newton
  • His Grace, The Duke of Grafton
  • His Grace, The Duke of Richmond
  • Myself

(OOC): Winston's conditions Edit

  • Long-term memory loss
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Bipolar

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