The Rt Hon Sir Douglas Spencer Campbell-Clarkson Jr., known as Douglas Clarkson MP PC KBE FRSB GCB (born 26th March 1957) is a politician and former Professor.

Currently he is the Conservative MP for Plymouth. He is 1st cousin to the 6th Duke of Argyll.

Previous Life and Education Edit

Sir Douglas was born in Truro, Cornwall. He is the only son of Dr. Douglas Clarkson Sr, a former Oxford History professor and Lady Dianna Campbell, daughter of the 4th Duke of Argyll.

He took a master degree in Biology between 1974-1982 and in 1983 he started teaching Natural Sciences at Eton. He stopped teaching when he joined politics in 1998.

Politics Edit

Sir Douglas joined the Conservative Party when it was given him a chance to run as MP for Plymouth. He became MP for Plymouth in late 1999. He has been the MP for that constituency since that year.

He joined the Privy Council when he first became cabinet minister during Samuel Faith's term as Prime-Minister. During Chauncey Duval's term, he was recommended for a KBE for his services to politics and the former Government. He is a Fellow of the Society of Biologists and in the 2nd May 2017 he received the Grand Cross of Bath for his services to science and politics from HM The Queen.


  • Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport 
  • Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 
  • Secretary of State for Education
  • Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
  • Chairman of the Conservative Party 

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